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What is Dry Needling

Functional Dry Needling is a modality used in conjunction with manual therapy, corrective exercises, and other physical therapy treatments to address various neuromusculoskeletal conditions. FDN involves inserting a tiny monofilament needle into a muscle (or muscles). This technique is used to decrease pain, relieve muscular tension and promote healing. Dry needling of unhealthy tissue can increase/speed healing and provide a quicker return to your activities, but it should not be performed in isolation. It is still important to use exercise, manual techniques, and other physical therapy modalities as appropriate to restore function to the injured tissues.

What will happen in my Treatment Session?

Your therapist will first assess for areas of restriction in pain or movement that may benefit from this treatment. Then the therapist will clean and prep the area for treatment followed by insertion of a monofilament needle into the muscle. The needle may be manipulated until the trigger point is released (at which time you may feel the muscle "twitch"). The needle is then removed and disposed of into a Sharps container. Treatment may involve differing applications of the needle at different sites depending on your therapist's clinical judgement. Dry needling is often quite painless, but may produce soreness (like a tough workout) for up to 2-3 days after the treatment.

Is this the same as Acupunture?

No, acupunture is based on Eastern Medicine focused on Meridans of the body and how it relates to Chi. Dry Needling is based on Western Medicine and is an effective tool to release myofascial tension and trigger points.

Is this Covered by Insurance?

Typically this service is not covered buy insurance and will cost an additional fee. Please contact us for further information.